Awesome Email Prompts for Email-Marketing in 2024

As Email continues to play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day lives, it is important to have the ability to compose emails that are easy to read, concise and persuasive. For that purpose of creating an email using AI, we need Email Prompts.

Finding the appropriate words and tone of voice can be incredibly difficult, especially when you are running out of time and ideas, ChatGPT is here to help. As an OpenAI trained language model, it can automatically generate prompts, that will help you create better emails in a fraction of the time.

Whether you are a small manufacturer or one of the world’s largest companies, there is no question that Email-Marketing should be at the heart of your digital marketing plan. For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return is $38. That is a huge margin. Isn’t it?

But writing a killer email is not as easy as hitting “Send”. You will need to write it first and that can be intimidating, especially if you are not a writer and don’t know what to write about. So here, Email Prompts comes into action. In this article, I am going to provide a list of Email Prompts, that will make your Email generation process so easy and mark my words, you will get a lot of subscribers and customers.

What is a Prompt?

chatGPT prompt email prompts

In the ChatGPT’s context, a prompt is an input or query that is passed to an AI model to create a response. A prompt is the information or question that you pass to the model to start a conversation. Here is an example :

email prompts example

Here, prompt used : “As a blog writer, please suggest me one blog title regarding the niche digital marketing”. And the result of it is clearly shown in the picture.

Email Prompts for Email Marketing

As a Digital Marketing professional, it is important to be aware of the most popular email types you can send out to your audience to promote your site and product. Here is a list of some best Email Prompts for each email type :

Promotional Email Prompts

If you are sending out Promotional Emails to your subscribers, they are great for letting them know about special deals, discounts or sales. You will want to make sure you are creating a good sense of urgency so they will act quickly.

Email Prompt used here : “Write a promotional email for a 48-hour flash sale on an ecommerce store selling [PRODUCT]”.

Promotional email prompts

Product Launch Email Prompt

When you are about to launch a new product, make sure your subscribers know what is going on. You will want to make sure they are excited about what is about to happen. You can do this by sharing the benefits, features and some behind the scenes stories.

Email Prompt used here : “Write a product launch email for a new line of [PRODUCT] products”.

Product launch email prompts

Educational Email Prompts

The purpose of educational emails is to provide your subscribers with useful information, advice or guidance. Educational email helps your brand stand out as an authority in your industry and build trust among your audience.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an educational email about the benefits of using [TOPIC] for an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT]”.

Blog Post Update Email Prompts

Share your most recent blog post with your newsletter subscribers to drive traffic to your site. Include a brief summary and a quick follow-up to entice readers to read the entire article.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an email sharing a new blog post about [BLOG POST] in the [NICHE] niche”.

Re-Engagement Email Prompt

Re-Engagement emails are a great way to get your inactive subscribers back. They remind them of your brand and offer a unique incentive to re-kindle their interest. Make sure to tailor their email delivery for this kind of email.

Email Prompt used here : “Write a re-engagement email for an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT], offering a [DISCOUNT] discount to subscribers who haven’t made a purchase in the last six months”.

re-engagement email prompt

Cart Abandonment Email Prompt

Remind customers who have left items in their cart without making a purchase. Provide support, resolve concerns, or offer a one-time offer to encourage them to finish their purchase.

Email Prompt used here : “Write a cart abandonmant email for an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT] items, offering a [DISCOUNT] discount who complete their purchase in next 24 hours”.

cart abandonment email prompts

Customer Appreciation Email Prompt

Whether you are sending a thankyou note, a special offer. Or an exclusive discount or a small token of appreciation, show your appreciation to your loyal customers with a heartfelt message.

Email Promp used here : “Write a customer appreciation email for an e-commerce store [PRODUCT], offering a free gift with their next purchase.”

customer appreciation email prompts

Event or Webinar Invitation Email Prompts

Reach out to your subscribers and invite them to attend an event, workshop or webinar, related to your industry. Include key information and highlights and advantage of attending.

Email Prompt used here : “Write and email inviting subscribers to a free online workshop on [TOPIC], the workshop will start at [TIME] and is designed for [NICHE] looking to [DESIRED RESULTS].”

webinar invitation email prompts

Testimonial or Case Study Email Prompt

Share testimonials from satisfied customers who have used your product. Social proof builds trust and encourages others to buy from you.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an email showcasing a customer testimonial about the positive impact of using [PRODUCT] from an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT LINE]. Include the folowing review.


casestudy email prompts
casestudy email prompts
casestudy email prompts
casestudy email prompts

Survey or Feedback Request Email Prompt

Ask your subscribers for their thoughts, feedback or ideas. This allows you to get to know your audience better and create custom products and content for them.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an email requesting subscribers to take a short survey about [TOPIC], for an e-commerce store specializing in [NICHE].”

feedback request email prompts
feedback request email prompts
feedback request email prompts
feedback request email prompts

Milestone or Achievement Email Prompt

Celebrate your brand’s success or milestones with your audience. This can help build a stronger relationship between your brand and your audience.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an email announcing the [CELEBRATION REASON] for an e-commerce store named [BRAND] selling [PRODUCT], along with a special promotion about [PROMOTION] to mark the occasion.”

achievement email prompts
achievement email prompts
achievement email prompts
achievement email prompts

Seasonal or Holiday Email Prompt

Whether you are sending holiday wishes, gifting ideas. Or announcing seasonal promotions, use the holiday season to increase engagement and sales.

Email Prompt used here : “Write a holiday-themed email on [HOLIDAY] for an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT], offering gift ideas and a limited-time discount on [DISCOUNTED-ITEMS].”

holiday email prompts

Cross-sell or Upsell Email Prompt

Whether you are recommending add-on products to customers who have already made a purchase. Or suggesting updated options for products they have expressed intersest in.

Email Prompt used here : “Write a cross-sell email for an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT] recommending a [CROSS-SELL] to customers who have purchased [PRODUCT].”

cross-selling email prompts

Contest or Giveaways Email Prompts

Invite your subscribers to participate in a competition or giveaway. You can also get them to spread the word about your content to their friends, boosting brand awareness.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an email announcing a [CONTEST] contest for an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT] products, with winners recieving free products of [GIVEAWAY].”

giveaway email prompts

Behind-the-Scenes or Meet the Team Email Prompts

Provide a subscriber with a 360-degree view of the business. Never forget highlighting the people, operations or values that sets your brand apart.

Email Prompt used here : “Write an email introducing the founder [FOUNDER] of an e-commerce store selling [PRODUCT] and sharing the story behind company’s creation.


meet the team email prompts

Email Prompts : The Final Thought !

It is important to remember that your Emails should be authentic, interesting and focussed on your target audience’s interests. While ChatGPT may not deliver your entire email in one go even after using the perfect Email Prompts, it will provide you with the great starting point. But with some fine-tuning, you will have a powerful tool that will help you grow your Email Marketing.

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